ПОРТОКАЛЕНА – студио за дигитални решения – ПОРТОКАЛЕНА – студио за дигитални решения
The easiest way to learn more about your customers is to get to know your own business better.

We are a full-stack digital studio. Our mission is to think, plan, create, engage and optimize, so that we can reach our customers’ highest goals.

Our approach is based on combining technology with imagination, work with fun, tradition with innovation, people with the right projects for them. We breach the gap between the end users and the marketing message, so that they can make faster decisions online. We identify that One Thing which makes your business stand out and create added value. We analyse everything, both good and bad and we raise your profit.

When technology becomes a work of art.

Portokalena’s team has years of experience in finding creative communication solutions. Our hunch helps us grow the market segments of our clients; our technological curiosity guarantees that we are always in synch with latest innovation trends in the digital world; our creative thinking helps us create, rather than just do.

  • Achievements:

    Our Demand Generation Guru and visionary Alena has been awarded with outstanding contribution to the European Educational Research Association in the field of public relations. She has also received the “Star of Fame” in a Dutch university and is finishing her PhD in the UK. Our Campaign Analytics Wizard Eva has produced the show “When the Bulgarian cinema wears its fancy shoes” and has received the “Golden Rose” awards. Our Business Development Champion Evelina has been recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Economy for implementing a retail display management software in 60 Telefonica stores.

The best way to find out if someone is trustworthy is to simply take the plunge and trust them.
  • We are proud to work hand in hand with both Bulgarian SMBs and big international brands. One of our goals is to stand by the businesses in Bulgaria and show that with a professional marketing communication no brand is too small in order to have a distinctive brand, considerable growth and a future-proof strategy

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The joy of losing a client

For many agencies losing a client is a catastrophe or at least leads to negative feedback about the work and synergy between them.

A whole universe in just one burger

In 2017 and the beginning of 2018, we had the pleasure to work with one of our favorite Bulgarian brands, a brand also known as a master of storytelling in the digital channels, Skaptobara and Skaptoburger.